• Tuition

    the most economical post grad program in the country. bar none.

    ANNUAl payment

    $ 5500.00

    Payment is made on September 14th at the beginning of each school year.

    semester payment

    $ 2875.00

    Payment is made twice a year on the following dates: Septembert 14th and January 1st.

    monthly payment

    $1000 downpayment- $585.00 a month.

    The downpayment is made on September 14th. Monthly payments are made on the 15th of the month, September-June. Grace period ends of the 20th of each month. After the 20th, there will be a late fee assessed of $25 a day until payment is made.


    Failure to adhere to the agreed contract will result in immediate suspension of all FPA privileges until rectified. 30 days of unresolved contract violations will result in dismissal from the program.