We strive to make academics relevant to the lives of our students. We are not interested in students simply being able to regurgitate facts on a test. We look for enduring understanding from our students; we want what they learn here to stay with them long after their time at FPA. Additionally, learning opportunities do not just happen in our academic buildings. Learning happens across a variety of settings at Faith Preparatory Academy: in the classrooms, on the court, and within each FPA event. Our faculty and staff are tireless in their efforts to support students.


    The Game

    you can't change the game in the 9th inning. at fpa, we teach our student-athletes how to play the game; off of the court. How to keep up with a syllabus? check. how to manage your emotions when you are being corrected or "refined"? check. how to market yourself an cultivate your brand? check. how to network and establish relationships? check. How to communicate effectively and speak in front of an audience? check. How to handle interviews and the media? check. How to communicate on team chat lines and the "group me" app? check, check, check! It's all in the game!


    The biblical worldview will be emphasized throughout each and every course that the students take. Faith Preparatory Academy is dedicated to teaching God’s Word and incorporating it into every aspect of the student’s experience.


    ​Faith Prep offers tailored options for each of our students success. Some may need high school credit recovery, others may need higher standardized college entrance test scores, and some may want to get a jump start on transferrable college credit. Whatever the academic need, our program has an option to help students obtain their specific goal.


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    Pathways in Education

    Course Recovery/Diploma

    Pathways In Education is our official high school credit recovery and diploma granting partner. For those students who may need to retake a high school course or two, or who may need to obtain their diploma, Pathways has partnered with Faith Preparatory Academy to provide those services to our student body.

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    C.L.A.S.S. Tutors

    ACT/SAT Prep/Academic Enrichment

    C.L.A.S.S. Tutors is our official ACT/SAT test prep program partner. For those students who may need to score higher quality points on college entrance testing, Faith Preparatory Academy has partnered with the top tutoring/educational service in the MidSouth, C.L.A.S.S. Tutors! C.L.A.S.S. Tutors empowers students to become self-confident, independent learners able to meet the challenges of a global future through quality and affordable tutoring and mentoring from passionate teachers, former educators, and business professionals.

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    Community College

    College Credit

    Faith Preparatory Academy uses a local public community college as our unofficial dual-enrollment college institution. This option is for those students who have graduated high school and meet the college entrance criteria. These students will have the option of taking up to 6 transferrable credit hours per semester.

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    Community Service

    Giving Back

    Faith Preparatory Academy makes sure that each student-athlete understands the importance of giving back to their communities through community service. FPA engages in monthly community service projects such as mentoring middle and high school students, volunteering with the Department of Alternative Education, visiting nursing homes and volunteering at local MidSouth area Boys and Girls Clubs!